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Apex Legends Ring Consoles explained

How to find Ring Consoles and use this Controller Class perk.

The Ring Consoles in Apex Legends are a new addition that came with the release of season 16. They are a useful item that is scattered across the map, but if you find one it can change your fate in the game. They help you to predict the future.

In Apex Legends, the Ring Consoles can let you see exactly where the next Ring will be. Therefore, you will be able to see slightly into the future to plan your next attack or to simply run before you get caught in the closing Ring.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to use Ring Consoles in Apex Legends, and how to find them.

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How to use Ring Consoles in Apex Legends

Ring Consoles in Apex Legends work in a similar way to the Survey Beacons. Specific Legends can use them to find out the location of the next Ring, and this knowledge can be used to get your team to safety ahead of time. However, they are popular spots and often very exposed, so make sure your team is watching your back if you decide to use one.

To use the Ring Console you must be one of the Controller Class Legends:

  • Caustic
  • Wattson
  • Rampart
  • Catalyst

Then, simply walk up to the Ring Console and use the prompted control to activate it.

You'll then be prompted to press and hold a specific control/command, and you need to hold this control down until the animated sequence of the Ring Console is complete. You will know it's finished because your Legend will tell the others that the location has been marked on the map.

You must complete the sequence. If you stop halfway, you will not be able to see the next Ring.

Once you have completed the sequence, check your map and the next Ring location will be highlighted within the existing one:

Apex Legends, the Broken Moon map is showing the highlighted inner circle for the next Ring Location.

You can only use the Ring Console once per Ring. If you already know the location of the next Ring, then you need to wait until the existing one has closed before using the Console again.

How to find Ring Consoles in Apex Legends

The locations of the Ring Consoles are different on each map.

Also, they can change location each match. This means that it can be tricky to track them down, but Respawn have been nice enough to mark the locations on the maps for you.

However, you need to be a Controller Class Legend to see these icons. On a map, they look like small metal Mushrooms. If you have a this class of Legend on your team, you should be able to see these icons too.

Apex Legends, Broken Moon Ring Console Icon examples, the Icons are circled.
Here are a few icons on the Broken Moon map.

Remember, the Ring Consoles change each match so the image above is an example of which icons to look for.

Once you are in the area marked on the map, look around until you see something that looks like this:

Apex Legends, Weapon view of a Ring Console on the Broken Moon map.

This is the Ring Console and they are usually in the exact spot the icon marks on the map, so they're pretty simple to find.

Now you have even more of a reason to be a Controller or to at least have one on your side!

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