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Fortnite Shield Bubble locations and how to use them

Bubble Buddy returns.

Shield Bubbles have returned to Fortnite's map.

Alongside Balloons, Shield Bubbles have been added back into the game, as part of a trial period that ends May 17th.

There are challlenges associated with the item too, so you'll find info on where to find Shield Bubbles detailed in this guide, as well as some tips on how to use them.

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Fortnite Shield Bubble locations

Shield Bubbles can be found all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. They are found as ground loot, so make sure you open chests and supply crates for a chance at getting one. They look like small, speherical throwable items. You can see an image of a Shield Bubble below.

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How to use Shield Bubbles

Once you have picked up a Shield Bubble you just need to equip it from your quick-menu and hold L2/LT to aim. Throw with R2/RT, just like you would a grenade.

The Shield Bubble will trigger where it lands, producing a large dome around the area. Once inside, you will be shielded from gunfire and explosives, and can even return fire through the shield. Watch out for enemies charging towards your shield. If they get inside, they will be able to damage you.

The Shield Bubble will last 30 seconds before disappearing. If you like the Shield Bubble, and would like to see it stick around in Fortnite, make your way over to a Funding Station from May 17th to vote for it. It's either that or Balloons, whichever you think is best. Note that this will cost you Gold Bars.

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