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Arenas mode comes to New World

"Teams of three can face off for fame, glory, and riches."

Players can now "start their personal PvP quest for rewards" in New World's newest mode, Arenas.

Arenas come as part of the MMO's latest update, which also ushers in expedition mutators, a Varangian Knights quest chain - where you can "continue the story of the Varangian Knights and their conquest for power" - a PvP rewards track, and "a whole host of other updates".

"Step into the Arena to test your skills against other combatants!" Amazon explains in the game's latest blog post. "3v3 Arenas are a new small-scale PvP game mode where teams of three can face off for fame, glory, and riches. You might even win a few unique housing items."

Each Arena match is a Best-of-five contest and the first to secure three of the two-minute-long rounds wins. That said, "if the battle lingers", "a deadly ring of fire will push players to the centre of the arena, forcing combatants to engage or die!"

To get involved, you need to be level 20 or over and allow on-demand PvP gameplay from anywhere in Aeternum in your Modes menu - talk to fight promoter Maximus Marcellus in Everfall if you need more information to get yourself arena-ready.

The latest update also includes Return to the Depths, a new challenge for end-game rewards that is part of the weekly expedition mutator rotation, along with three others: Overgrown, Barbaric, and Fiendish. The former focuses on nature damage and resistance, the latter nocturnal, whilst Barbaric focuses on physical damage.

For more, including an in-depth dive into the new PvP rewards track, head on over to Steam.

In the face of a dwindling player base for fantasy MMO New World following its barnstorming launch last September, last March Amazon Games shared a "broad overview" of its content release plans for the game's next three seasons in 2022.

March saw the arrival of New World's Heart of Madness update, bringing the game's main storyline to a close with a new endgame expedition, Tempest's Heart, which promises a "final showdown" against Isabella in a corrupted dimension of reality.