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New World players have clocked up 569m in-game hours over the last year

And this new infographic tells us all about what they've been doing during that time...

Amazon Games is celebrating one whole year of New World with a snazzy new infographic.

Showcasing "key highlights from the launch", the summation of facts and figures looks back and reflects upon "our brave New World".

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In the twelve months since the PC MMORPG launched, players have clocked up an astonishing 569.1 million collective hours played, and streamed 12.4 billion minutes on Twitch.

Collectively, we've killed 17.3 billion enemies in PvE, cut down 6.3 billion trees, and caught 42,893,637 fish during the Summer Medleyfaire event.

One year in New World
Image credit: Amazon Games

Of the three factions, Syndicate is the most popular - 41.9 per cent of players are aligned there - with the 37.1 per cent and 21 per cent joining Marauders and Covenant respectively.

We even get a peek at the game's most deadly expedition; on 21st November 2021, Alluvium Marl The Caretaker had "171 player killers in one expedition instance".

Click the image above to enlarge it and find out more facts that celebrate New World's anniversary.

In the face of a dwindling player base for fantasy MMO New World following its barnstorming launch last September, last March Amazon Games shared a "broad overview" of its content release plans for the game's three 2022 seasons.

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