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It looks like New World has shed around half its playerbase since launch

SteamCharts data suggests the MMO is losing around 135K players a week.

Amazon's new MMO, New World, has reportedly lost more than half its playerbase just a month after its launch on PC.

Despite hitting an impressive all-time concurrent peak of just shy of a million players on 3rd October, Forbes spotted that the numbers on SteamCharts have taken something of a dip, with its concurrent rate falling around 135,000 players every week since launch.

As of last week, the MMO sported a concurrent player count of 508,000 - roughly half of what it was at the start of the month.

Of course, declining player numbers are not always a surprise - or a concern - in the first few weeks after launch, but New World is a MMO, which should, in theory, enjoy a more stable playerbase than singleplayer narrative games that some may only play for a week or two before completing and moving onto something else.

It's fair to say that the decline likely doesn't stem from one particular issue as much as a catalogue of problems, such as when Amazon's own "incorrect" information erroneously informed players that transfers would be possible after the studio itself asked them to join servers with low wait times as it worked on increasing the population caps of existing servers.

New World's launch also came with fresh reports that New World was still bricking expensive graphics cards, after it was found to be doing so in the game's beta. In July, in response to the concern, Amazon released a patch to cap the framerate on the MMO's menu screen.

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