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Final Fantasy 11 not shutting down, despite rumours

Vana keep playing?

Final Fantasy 11's director has spoken out and put a stop to the rumours that the MMORPG is shutting down sometime this year.

Chatting in this week's Famitsu, Yoji Fujito revealed the game will not be shut down "anytime soon".

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"Due to past comments, there may be some people who are worried that the game will be shutting down in 2022," Fujito stated (translated by siliconera). "But I don't think you will have to be concerned about that happening anytime soon."

This is in line with what producer Akihiko Matsui also told the publication. According to them, the team has been told to "continue doing FF11" by those further up the chain of command

This particular issue of Famitsu is dedicated to Final Fantasy 11's 20th anniversary, with artwork for the game gracing its cover (see below).

Final Fantasy 11 originally released on PC as well as the PS2 and Xbox 360 in 2002. However, console owners saw their servers being shut down all the way back in 2016, leaving only the PC version of the game standing.

Elsewhere in the land of Final Fantasy, Square Enix has praised the release of FF14 and its various expansions for seeing its net sales in the MMO sector increase.

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