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Squenix warns of FFXI server breach

Player accounts disclosed as a result.

Square Enix has warned the Final Fantasy XI community of a possible "breach" of server security that may put accounts at risk.

"Dear valued Final Fantasy XI player," the email sent out to players begins, "Square Enix is committed to protecting your user information."

But: "We have just been alerted to a potential breach of Square Enix’s secure systems from an external source. This may have resulted in the disclosure of a limited number of PlayOnline IDs, passwords and user account data.

"Please be assured that your credit card data has not been compromised," the email continues. "We are taking this matter very seriously and are conducting a full investigation."

Final Fantasy XI is an eight year-old MMO. Let's hope these kinds of problems are ironed out in Final Fantasy XIV, which is due to launch on PC later this year - and on PS3 presumably at a later date.