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PlayStation expects nearly 50% of game launches to be PC and mobile by 2025

And to make $300m on PC games this year.

PC and mobile games will make up almost half of PlayStation's overall game releases by 2025, Sony said in a recent investor meeting.

Additionally, it expects to make a tidy $300m on PC games alone this fiscal year (which ends March 2023).

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Needless to say, these are some quite impressive figures that Sony has put out there.

Slide from Sony's presentation showing expected PC and Mobile growth.

It has already released several of its previous console exclusives on PC, with God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone all making the jump to the additional platform. Since their release, they have all sold well, with Horizon: Zero Dawn selling 2.4m, Days Gone selling 852k and God of War selling 971k units for Sony.

In FY21, these titles in total made Sony $80m. Meanwhile, in FY20, this number was only $35m, making Sony's hopes for $300m even more eye opening.

Understandably, these figures were less at the start due to the small number of game's available on PC, so growth is only to be expected as Sony's catalogue increases. But given the huge leap in sales expectations, Sony must be looking to pull something big out of the bag.

Slide from Sony's presentation regarding PC sales.

Its next PC release will be the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection, which bundles together Nathan Drake's final outing in A Thief's End with Chloe Frazer's first leading role in Lost Legacy. While no exact date has been given for its release at yet, we do know that it is due out this year.

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