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Warzone players find XP glitch in King Kong's testicles

Monkey nuts.

Call of Duty Warzone's big Operation Monarch event, which sees the invasion of Caldera by King Kong and Godzilla, has been huge hit - with players finding ever more inventive ways to attack the great beasts.

But now, players have also found a questionable method of farming XP - in King Kong's private parts.

A clip posted on the Warzone subreddit shows a player flying a helicopter toward's King Kong's giant testicles (which is easier said than done as Kong tends to crush anyone that heads towards him).

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If you manage to get past Kong's attacks and reach his blind spot, you can earn a continuous stream of XP by what can only be described as grazing his balls with the helicopter blades.

In other Call of Duty news, Activision announced that the codename for its upcoming Call of Duty battle royale for mobile is "Project Aurora".

The game has entered the alpha stage of development with a limited number of players testing it out, directly invited by Activision.

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