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New Call of Duty skin appears to plagiarise former Infinity Ward employee working on Dr Disrespect game

"Corporate theft."

A new skin has been released in Call of Duty, which bears a striking resemblance to the work of former Infinity Ward employee Robert Bowling.

Bowling is now studio head at Midnight Society, the developer behind the NFT-fuelled shooter Deadrop that's backed by Dr Disrespect.

Art for Deadrop was revealed in July, but now a very similar looking skin called Doomsayer is available in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: Are Sony and Microsoft's claims over Call of Duty just business as usual?
Eurogamer Newscast: Are Sony and Microsoft's squabbles over Call of Duty just business as usual?

Both characters feature a dark mechsuit design with an ice blue skull mask and a hood.

Though there are small differences, they appear perhaps too similar to be mere coincidence. Then again, they're also similar to the protagonist from cyberpunk action platformer Ghostunner too.

Bowling has acknowledged the design with a tweet that simply reads: "At least name it after me".

"I found out about this due to my mentions blowing up from our community tagging me in their replies," he told Kotaku, before sending a photo of a legendary-tier Call of Duty sniper rifle called "Corporate Theft".

This is just the latest controversial design in Call of Duty.

Activision was recently forced to apologise and remove a dog skin following plagiarism accusations from a concept artist.