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Warzone Season 5 release time, and what's new in the Season 5 update

A volcanic eruption and iconic Call of Duty villains are on the way.

Warzone Season 5 is a cameo-packed finale for map Caldara and Vanguard ahead of the next Call of Duty game.

This new Warzone content comes under the title of Last Stand, bringing in iconic series villains and a volcanic eruption to Caldara.

This page features the Warzone Season 5 release date and everything we know coming so far - both at launch and in-season.

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Warzone Season 5 release time: What time will Warzone Season 5 launch?

Warzone Season 5 will launch on Wednesday, 24th August.

The Warzone Season 5 release time is as follows:

  • UK: 5pm (BST)
  • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9am (PDT)

Note for Vanguard players, the updates will go live 24 hours earlier, at Tuesday 9am PDT / 5pm UK.

The Warzone Season 5 roadmap.

As per usual, be prepared for the release times to be delayed in case there's any last minute changes or setbacks from the developer. Call of Duty is pretty reliable in this regard - but you never know.

Warzone Season 5 is almost here! If you want to learn more about firepower from previously, we explain the best Welgun loadout, best Cooper Carbine loadout, best Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle loadout, best STG44 loadout, best MP40 loadout, best Automaton loadout, best BAR loadout, best Combat Shotgun loadout, best Type 100 loadout, and best Kar98k loadouts.

What's new in Warzone Season 5?

The theme for Season 5 of Warzone is Last Stand. It includes the following:

  • Caldera's volcano has erupted, transforming the Peak area - adding lava and falling rocks to the map. Watch the your feet - and the skies! Caldera also has a volanic-themed Gulag to survive in between rounds. Elsewhere, the map has seen "lighting changes" with the advent of volcanic clouds across the map.
  • A Doomsday Station will appear once per match somewhere on the map. Pay $10,000 to activate, then defend the position against oncoming enemies to earn powerful items and a unique Watch cosmetic.
  • Elsewhere, theres a new melee-focused Rage Serum field upgrade, while a new Supply Box UAV Killstreak will mark all unopened boxes nearby - including the addition of a Personal Supply Box with your own Loadout inside. Get these from Supply Boxes or Buy Stations.
  • New mode Operation: Last Call, which is inspired by Search and Destroy, has you defuse bombs across the island, while also surviving the 'Lava Rock' public event which sees volcanic debris falling from the sky. Another mode, Heroes vs Villians, is also coming later in the season.
  • There will be two new weapons at launch - energy rifle 'EX1' and SMG 'RA 225' - and three more in-season, the Valois (revolver), BP50 and Lienna 58 (assault rifles).
  • New operators based on series villians - including Raul Menendez (Black Ops 2, launch), Khaled Al-Asad (Modern Warfare, launch), Gabriel T. Rorke (Ghosts, in-season) and He 'Seraph' Zhen-Zhen (Black Ops 3, in-season).

Have fun during Season 5!

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