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Halo Infinite Interference event challenges, rewards, and Interference dates

How to get free armour, stances, coatings, and helmet attachments during the Interference event.

Interference in Halo Infinite is a new event in the game's multiplayer mode during Season 2 Lone Wolves.

The event allows you to unlock armor pieces, stances, coatings, and helmet attachments–all for free.

Below you can find out when the Interference event ends, how all challenges work, and all Interference event rewards in Halo Infinite.

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When does the Interference event start and end? Halo Infinite Interference event dates

The Halo Infinite Interference event is a limited-time event that takes place during Season 2. Interference starts on Tuesday the 3rd of May, and ends on Tuesday, May 16th in 2022 at the weekly challenge reset time.

Unlike the previous Fracture Tenrai event, the Interference event is not currently scheduled to repeat during Season 2. However, there will be another free event called Alpha Pack later in Season 2 with more free cosmetics to earn.

If you want the current free cosmetics, make sure you’re completing the right kind of challenges in order to unlock rewards on the Interference pass.

How Halo Infinite Interference event and challenges work

The Interference event has its own event pass which you can view in the same area as the season-long battle pass and your weekly challenges.

To progress Interference tiers, you must complete specific Interference challenges, such as kill enemy Spartans with a melee attack in Last Spartan Standing. These are added to your weekly challenge pool, and are differentiated by a red strip. You must complete these challenges in the new Last Spartan Standing mode for it to count toward the Interference event pass.

There are a total of ten Interference event challenges to complete during the two weeks - assigned to you at random from a pool of possible challenges - allowing you to unlock ten tiers.

If you cannot see any 'red' Interference challenges, they are likely in the 'upcoming' set of weekly challenges. Press the Y button over the 'active' weekly challenges to see which challenges are remaining. When you have completed one of the 'active' ones, an 'upcoming' challenge will cycle in next.

Though you cannot purchase tiers of the free event pass, you can use Challenge Swaps if you are struggling with any particular challenge. These can be earned for free on any season's battle pass.

As Last Spartan Standing lets you leave an ongoing match when you have no respawns left, your Interference challenge progress is actually delayed. So don’t panic if your kills or match wins don’t seem to count, as you just need to wait for the match to officially end in order to have your progress and XP count toward the Interference pass.

You can start another match without affecting this delayed challenge progress. If you are just waiting for your kills and match plays to count, you might need to quit to the main Halo Infinite menu and return to multiplayer in order to refresh your challenge progress.

Due to this delayed challenge progress and inaccurate tracking occuring for some, any player that logs in before the end of the Interference on the 16th of May will receive 5 Challenge Swaps and Double XP Boosts for free.

To help even more, starting Tuesday, the 10th of May, each completed Interference challenge will unlock two tiers of the event pass, and some challenges will become easier to complete.

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All Halo Infinite Interference challenges

As mentioned above, there are ten Interference challenges running during the event:

  • Complete Last Spartan Standing matches (2) - 300 XP
  • Earn cumulative player score in Last Spartan Standing matches (2500) - 200 XP
  • Earn cumulative player score in Last Spartan Standing matches (5000) - 350 XP
  • Earn cumulative player score in Last Spartan Standing matches (10000) - 400 XP
  • Kill an enemy Spartan from behind with a melee attack in Last Spartan Standing (1) - 300 XP
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Last Spartan Standing (10) - 300 XP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Last Spartan Standing (5) - 300 XP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Last Spartan Standing (10) - 350 XP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Last Spartan Standing (25) - 400 XP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a melee attack in Last Spartan Standing (10) - 350 XP

All Halo Infinite Interference rewards

Complete the above Interference challenges in Last Spartan Standing to unlock the following free cosmetic rewards:

Tier 1: Iratus Backdrop (Rare)

Tier 2: Castor’s Keeper AI Color (Epic)

Tier 3: Safety Off Stance (Rare)

Tier 4: Onyx Timberwolf Weapon Coating (Epic)

Tier 5: Shikari Helmet (Epic)

Tier 6: AAP/KARD Plate Chest (Rare)

Tier 7: UA/Type PTL Knee Pads (Rare)

Tier 8: Onyx Timberwolf Weapon Coating (Epic)

Tier 9: Wulfenite Eyes Visor (Rare)

Tier 10: TAS[2]/Patternwolf Helmet Attachment (Legendary)

Remember, you only have until Tuesday, the 17th May 2022 until the Interference event ends to earn all these free cosmetics. Make sure you’re completing the specific Interference challenges in Last Spartan Standing during the event, and use your Challenge Swap items if you want to swap to an Interference challenge.

Good luck with earning all rewards during the Interference event!

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