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Five of the Best: Helmets

Our bucket list.

KOTOR protagonist Darth Revan holding a red Lightsaber glowing in the dark
Image credit: Lucasfilm Games

Five of the Best is a weekly series for supporters of Eurogamer. It's a series that highlights some of the features in games that are often overlooked. It's also about having your say, so don't be shy, use the comments below and join in!

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Helmets - that great identifying piece of armour. They are the flourishes atop the body, the signature pieces of a look. They've been designed to both protect the wearers and intimidate enemies for centuries. Look at samurai headpieces and by extension, the most famous fictional helmet of all, Darth Vader's. They are there to impress and because of this, have long been an elaborate showpiece in games as well. I was just marvelling at the outrageous helmet designs in Baldur's Gate 3 the other night, and wondering what it would be like to walk around in them. Does it matter? They look cool. But which helmets in games are the best?

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