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Halo Infinite Winter Update release time in UK / GMT, CET, EST and PST

What you can expect from the November update.

The arrival of Halo Infinite Winter Update is easily the biggest update to the game since its launch back in late 2021.

Coming are several long-awaited features we've been waiting for - including campaign co-op and the Forge beta.

On the multiplayer side, there's a free Battle Pass, two new maps, a new mode and revamps to how XP works - plenty to keep you going in Halo Infinite until the delayed Season 3 arrives next year, in other words.

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Halo Infinite Winter Update release time in UK / GMT, CET, EST and PST

Halo Infinite's Winter Update will be available on Tuesday, 8th November 2022. The official release time is as follows:

  • UK: 6pm (GMT)
  • Europe: 7pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: 1pm (EST)
  • West Coast US: 10am (PST)

In order words, this is around the usual weekly reset - meaning you can finish off the current week's challenges before the update begins.

Based on the Season 2 update, developer 343 Industries said servers would be offline for an hour from when downtime begins - and we imagine it'll be the same here (the following image describes the times as the 'rollout' - so it's possible it's when servers go down and not when the update is fully live - we'll wait and see).

Either way, for those in Europe, you have to wait until the evening before you can start downloading and playing.

As with all live service games, expect the possibility of delays or downtime taking longer than anticipated.

Halo Infinite Winter Update is here, ushing in the Halo Infinite co-op release date. Starting the story? Learn how to download and install the Halo Infinite campaign and lists of skull locations, Mjolnir Armor Lockers and Spartan Cores. including those for the commando rifle, fusion coil and a killing spree. If you're looking to step up the challenge, then Halo Infinite's ranking system is waiting.

What is featured in the Halo Infinite Winter Update?

The 'Winter Update' is a stopgap while we wait for the delayed Season 3, and is easily the most significant since Halo Infinite's launch, with every mode in the game receiving some long-awaited additions and changes.

Highlights include:

  • The long-awaited arrival of campaign co-op - you can watch an early preview thanks to the insider beta thanks to Digital Foundry:
Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Tested... With Steam Deck In The Mix!
  • Forge - Halo's map-creation mode - will be launching in beta, albeit with "immense functionality" at launch that will "continue to improve and evolve over time". It's a soft launch, basically, and though there will be no in-game tutorials, there is an official Forge Fundamentals series you can start scrubbing up on now:
Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite | Forge Fundamentals – Building
  • A free Battle Pass with 30 tiers, largely inspired by Halo: Reach cosmetics:
Cover image for YouTube videoWinter Update Battle Pass Preview | Halo Infinite
  • New multiplayer maps Argyle and Detachment, both of which have been built entirely in the new Forge mode.
  • Multiplayer mode Covert One Flag, a variant of One Flag CTF which sees one side of attackers armed with Active Camo, and defenders with Threat Sensors, all in a bid to grab a single flag.

  • The addition of in-match XP bonuses, rewarding players based on their performance - such as being part of the winning team and being one of the top performers - as well as the current match completion and challenge reward systems.
  • The Ultimate Challenge will now only require 10 Challenges per week - and have been changed to be completed in any playlist, not just specific modes.
  • The return of "the most popular" Ultimate Rewards from previous seasons during the Winter Update period for those who missed them.
  • Introduction of rotating playlists, with a 'core' playlist slot (starting with Covert One Flag) and a 'social' playlist slot (more experimental or laidback modes, essentially - such as Social Slayer and Rumble Pit) updating every two weeks alternatively - meaning there will be a new playlist each week. The schedule looks as follows:
  • Various sandbox weapon tweaks - including increasing damage to the Plasma Pistol, the effectiveness of the Pulse Carbine and VK78 Commando at short range, a nerf to the BR and more; full details can be seen on the official Waypoint site.

Phew- that's quite a lot! Whatever you're interested in - enjoy the Winter Update!

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