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God of War and The Simpsons collide in hilarious new mod

The not so mellow yellow.

A new mod for God of War shows off something I never imagined - but now I've seen it, I can't take my eyes off it: Homer and Bart Simpson stepping into the shoes of Kratos and Atreus.

Oh, and you know The Stranger (wink wink) we all meet at the beginning of the game - well, thanks to this mod, he becomes the Hi-diddly-hoing Ned Flanders.

God of War PC features trailer.Watch on YouTube

The mod comes from Omega Fantasy (via IGN) and uses the character models from 2003's The Simpson's Hit and Run. And to be honest, if all this mod did was swap out God of War's characters for those from Hit and Run, it would have still been an incredibly amusing watch.

However, Omega Fantasy has done one (if not two) better, and actually included new dialogue for Homer and co.

Ned Flanders in God of War.

So, what this essentially means is that, even the fairly somber moments from God of War, suddenly have a slapstick and silly humour added to them. This includes The Simpson chaps weeping over Marge's pyre and Homer informing Bart they are off to hunt Bambi. Homer even uses a baseball bat to cut down the tree at the very start of God of War. Springfield? More like Spingfelled.

You can check out this mod in action thanks to ToastedShoes below.

Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere in the world of Kratos and his kin, reports have claimed that Amazon is currently in negotiations to bring PlayStation's God of War series to Prime Video in a live-action TV adaptation. Will whoever they ultimately cast as the powerful demigod fill that role as magnetically as Homer? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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