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Amazon reportedly eyeing up God of War live-action television adaptation

With The Expanse creators attached.

Amazon is reportedly in negotiations to bring PlayStation's blockbuster God of War series to Prime Video in a live-action TV adaptation.

That's according to Deadline which reports Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, creators of Amazon's acclaimed sci-fi show The Expanse, are attached to the project in some capacity, alongside The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins, Sony Pictures Television, and PlayStation Productions.

And that's it as far as details go right now, with Deadline only adding that Sony and Amazon Studios had no comment when approached to verify its story.

God of War on PC - Digital Foundry Tech Review.

A God of War television series would, of course, further expand Sony's rapidly lengthening list of PlayStation properties making the jump to small and big screens as it aggressively seeks to bring its iconic characters to other media.

An Uncharted movie, starring Tom Holland, just scored a solid opening at cinemas, and Sony also has TV adaptations of The Last of Us and Twisted Metal in the works (the former at HBO and the latter now confirmed to be heading to Peacock in series form). Additionally, Uncharted movie director Ruben Fleischer recently revealed his next gig is a Jak and Daxter film.

And as for Amazon, it too has been aggressively pursuing adaptations of popular video games in recent times, with Mass Effect and Fallout both in development to air on Prime Video. It was also recently linked with film and TV adaptations of Life is Strange and Disco Elysium.

Back to God of War though, there's no hint of a time frame for when Amazon might be looking to release - but given that it's still early days for what would undoubtedly be a major production effort, it's unlikely we'll be seeing it for quite some time.

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