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Sims 4 seemingly teases the return of werewolves in latest content roadmap

Three new expansions incoming.

Following a bit of a bumpy start to 2022 for The Sims 4 - thanks to the frustratingly buggy launch of My Wedding Stories - EA has teased a look ahead at the next few months of expansion releases, including what appears to be the long-awaited return of playable werewolves.

According to a newly shared content roadmap, The Sims 4 will receive three new expansions of varying sizes over the next two months. EA is gathering all three together under the banner Seize the Night, and all are connected by a loose nocturnal theme.

At the smaller end of the scale are two new Kit packs, currently being teased under the names Chic Nights Out and Cozy Nights In, which perhaps points to a new selection of nightlife clothing in the first expansion and comfy new furnishings in the latter.

It's the third addition that's most intriguing, however, arriving in the form of a more substantial Game Pack that's currently being teased with the name Go Wild. While that alone doesn't give much away, it's the brief teaser trailer accompanying the roadmap that has players talking.

At one point the action cuts to a nighttime shot of Oasis Springs, with a full moon in the sky. If that wasn't enough to get your werewolf senses tingling, it's the accompanying distant howl that seems to give the game away.

Werewolves have long been a fixture in the Sims series, of course, last appearing in Sims 3's much-loved Supernatural expansion, and have been a much-requested addition to The Sims 4 by fans of the series' occult sims. The game's current paranormal line-up is already fairly extensive - players can create the likes of vampires, mermaids, ghosts, spellcasters, aliens, and robots - but werewolves have remained conspicuously absent.

The Sims 4 is already home to occult sims such as vampires.

Obviously, all this remains speculation until EA makes it official - something that'll presumably happen soon given that the expansions are all due to release within the next eight weeks - but until then, there's at least one way to get werewolves into The Sims 4 already, thanks to the game's always impressive modding scene.

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