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Here's a first official look at The Sims 4's imminent wedding-themed expansion

Arrives next week on consoles and PC.

A handful of teases and a couple of leaks later, EA has formally unveiled The Sims 4's new wedding-themed Game Pack with first official details and a frankly adorable new trailer; it's called My Wedding Stories and launches for PC and consoles next Thursday, 17th February.

The bulk of My Wedding Stories was accurately leaked at the tail-end of last week, but for those of you not perusing Eurogamer late into Friday night, the gist is that it gives players the tools needed to craft a surprisingly comprehensive wedding experience for their Sims - right from the proposal all the way through to vow renewals many years later.

Starting at the beginning, and assuming a Sim says 'yes', players will have the option to stage a number of pre-wedding festivities, including the Engagement Party to break the big news to friends and family, the Hen Night/Stag Do, and even the Rehearsal Dinner, complete with toasts, speeches, gifts, food, and dancing.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Sims 4 My Wedding Stories: Official Reveal Trailer
The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories - Official Reveal Trailer.

While all that's going on, there's much to be planned for the main event. Players will want to choose a Sim of Honour, establish their Sims' likes and dislikes, then pick a time and venue for the wedding. To aid in that latter quest, My Wedding Stories introduces a new world known as Tartosa, offering a diverse array of picturesque locales - from coastal village to the forested inland - that house an assortment of venues to suit all tastes, including lavish ballrooms, peaceful gardens, and sunny beaches.

And with the venue sorted, it's time to get down to the finer details; you'll need to conjure up a guest list, decide what you want attendees to wear, plan the menu for the reception, pick the decor, choose a cake, and, of course, decide on a dress. Notably too, the expansion is drawing inspiration from wedding traditions all around the world, meaning there should be clothing, decor, and even customs to suit a variety of tastes. For instance, players can begin the wedding day itself with a Chinese tradition, inviting families to a customary tea ceremony.

Then, once everyone finally makes it to the venue, the ring bearer and 'flower pal' will get their moment in the spotlight, Sims can walk down the aisle alone or with someone to give them away, and, with the vows done and the first kiss planted, the wedding reception can begin - complete with bouquet tossing, cake cutting, and, of course, a slow dance.

My Wedding Stories offers choices beyond white dresses and stuffy churches.

Next up, the honeymoon - either jetting off to another corner of Tartosa or elsewhere in the world - and, should you wish to do it all again years down the line, your Sims have the option to renew their vows in a smaller, simpler version of their wedding ceremony. You can see at least some of those features in the appropriately adorable My Wedding Stories trailer above.

EA says it'll be doing a deep-dive of the expansion - which will likely cost around £17.99 on its arrival next week - this Friday, 11th February at 6pm in the UK/10am PT on Twitch and YouTube.