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Sims 4 wedding-themed Game Pack detailed in new leak

Reportedly arriving 17th February.

Nearly eight years into the Sims 4's life and the DLC show no sign of slowing. Following the arrival of this week's vibrant Carnaval Streetwear Kit, a new leak has seemingly revealed extensive details on the life sim's previously teased new wedding-themed Game Pack.

Suspicions were raised that a new wedding-focussed pack was coming back in January, when EA teased its upcoming Sims 4 content plans for the first three months of 2022. That reveal promised a "game pack that throws a party for love", and fans' immediate thoughts of wedding bells now appear to have been by confirmed by a series of leaks on Twitter.

One poster, lunar_britney, shared four images of the new Game Pack - said to be titled The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories - alongside a rough translation of the DLC's description, claiming he found them "in a very dark corner last night".

According to that translation, My Wedding Stories - which apparently includes a new world known as Tartosa - will give Sims 4 players the power to customise every detail of the matrimonial process, "from the wedding request to the reception".

Upon a successful wedding proposal, players will reportedly need to work their way through various preparations and traditions, choosing the Sims of honour, holding an engagement dinner and wedding rehearsal, even making the most of "the last night without a spouse". They'll also have to make plenty of decisions around the big day, selecting wedding outfits, picking out flowers and decorations, planning a menu, and more.

Then, come the main event, player can apparently live out the entire day if they choose - starting with the pre-wedding pre-amble, entertaining the family at home, or hopping straight into the ceremony to "exchange vows, alliances, and kisses". And once that's out the way, the real celebration can begin with cake-cutting, speeches, and dancing at the reception.

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit.Watch on YouTube

The three accompanying screen shots and Game Pack art (plus two more elsewhere) all absolutely look like the real deal, leaving little doubt as to the veracity of the leak, and it's even supported by a second Twitter poster, who has accurately leaked Sims 4 content in the past. That poster, Aggiornamenti Lumia, corroborates the name My Wedding Stories, going even further to say the Game Pack will be arriving on 17th February.

Hopefully EA will sweep in to make all this official - and fill out the remaining blanks regarding other features and additions - very soon.