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Former WWE developer Yuke's announces AEW Fight Forever

Round two.

Yuke's, the Japanese developer behind two decades of popular WWE games, has announced it is returning to the wrestling genre with new project AEW Fight Forever.

There's no word yet on a release date or platforms (beyond a vague promise of PC and consoles), but today's announcement and first look at development will likely be welcomed by fans who have missed Yuke's work over the past few years.

Yuke's final WWE game was 2018's WWE 2K19, before publisher 2K Sports gave Yuke's the boot and chose US outfit Visual Concepts to take control of the series instead - with decidedly poor results (so much so that WWE 2K21 was cancelled altogether).

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We knew previously that Yuke's was now working on an AEW game - though little else. Of course, it's somewhat ironic Yuke's will return to the genre with a rival series featuring WWE's own big rival wrestling promotion.

Trailers for the game, released today, show wrestlers Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose.

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