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Save 15% when you pre-order Mario Strikers: Battle League Football at Currys

A striking edition to your line-up.

Mario Strikers: Battle League or as it's known in Europe: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, is releasing on the 10th June 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

There are lots of retailers you can pre-order the game from, but right now the best place to do it is at Currys where you can save 15 percent when you use the code MARIO at checkout.

For those of you not familiar with Mario Strikers, the series originated with Super Mario Strikers on the Gamecube in 2005 and then Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii in 2007. Battle League Football is the first new entry into the series for 15 years.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football you will choose a major Mario character to be your captain along with 3 other characters to round out the team, and then head onto the field for some explosive football (or soccer) action. The game is also available in the US, where the title is just Mario Strikers: Battle League, and currently is available for pre-order at GameStop and other retailers for $59.99.

Mario Strikers is a football game at its core but there's lots of cool things you can do in the game to help your team score. Knock down your opponents with shells and banana peels, smash them with your character into the surrounding electric fence, and equip your team with items to improve their speed, strength and passing stats. The game will have multiplayer with up to eight people locally, and will have online multiplayer for those with an NSO membership.

We're really looking forward to Mario Strikers making its return and we hope you are too! You might be in need of some more storage for your Switch by the time it launches on the 10th of June, so make sure you read Digital Foundry's best microSD cards for the Switch guide to help you find a storage upgrade. Also be sure to follow Jelly Deals on Twitter where we'll tweet out more deals on games, SD cards, consoles, and more.

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