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Here's where you can buy Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for just £37

Kick off your summer with Nintendo's latest sports entry.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football was released on 10th June 2022 and discounts are already kicking off at multiple retailers.

Where you might have normally been given a red or yellow card for foul play, the new Mario-themed game of five-a-side footie lets you use items, aggressive tackles and special shots to get the one-up on your opposing team. You can also upgrade your speed, pass accuracy and strength stats by customising your team with unique gear. Nintendo's latest addition to the Mario Strikers series features local co-op and online Strikers Club mode- great if you want to team up or challenge friends and family at home, or from across the globe.

Currently, the cheapest place to buy Mario Strikers Battle League is at Currys, who has it for just £37. In order to save yourself a decent £13 off the game's RRP price of £49.99, you'll need to use one of their handy promo codes.

First off, you should ignore Currys' "STRIKER10" discount code and instead save yourself an extra 80p by entering "SWFNDD" at the checkout. This will ultimately save you a fiver compared to £4.20 with the "STRIKER10" code.

Secondly, you'll want to select the free click and collect option to save yourself the most money, and so you can get the game for 37 quid.

  • Mario Strikers: Battle League - £37 at Currys with code "SWFNDD" and free click and collect
  • Paying for delivery at Currys still makes the game cheaper than Amazon and other retailers. So, if you'd rather have the game sent directly to your door, you'll need to either select the £4 delivery option to get it for £41.79, or bump up your order to £50 or more so you're eligible for free delivery.

    Some retailers are still throwing in the pre-order freebies with purchases. Base is offering decal stickers while you can get a free poster when you order at The Game Collection. A free Mario Strikers-themed football scarf (pictured above) is also still up for grabs when you buy from Game and My Nintendo Store. If you want to avoid Game's hefty delivery fee, you'll want to shop at My Nintendo Store to get free delivery. Check out the list below for some more alternative places to buy.

    Those in the US can also still grab some pre-order goodies when you buy the game at Walmart for $59.99. Below, we've listed a few places you can purchase Mario Strikers: Battle League in the US.

    You might also want to check out My Nintendo Store's digital game deals. They've reduced Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze down from £49.99 to only £33.29, and have some pretty nice savings on top titles like Monster Hunter Rise, Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Dark Souls Remastered.

    You can also save up to 67 per cent in the Super Sale on Nintendo eShop right now, but you might want to shop around and compare prices in case a physical copy is cheaper elsewhere.

    Our guide to the best Nintendo Switch deals will also help you save money on even more great games and accessories. We highlight all the best gaming offers and tons of other discounts over at our Jelly Deals Twitter account, so make sure to give us a follow.

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