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Mario Strikers now has a free demo

Warm-up before the big game.

Nintendo has made a free demo available for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football.

The game previously had a demo shortly before it released on 10th June, but required a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The new demo is free to download for all Switch owners.

Cover image for YouTube videoMario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update - Nintendo Switch
Mario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update

If you do want to check out the demo this time around but don't have a Switch Online subscription, you'll be limited to the game's local co-op modes for multiplayer.

Tom felt Mario Strikers: Battle League Football was underwhelming and lacking in content when compared to its predecessor in his review of the game at launch. Since then, the game has had two free updates. The first, in July, added Daisy and Shy Guy alongside a new stadium and new gear. In September, Pauline and Diddy Kong also joined the game's roster.

The demo is available from the Nintendo eShop.