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Looks like PS5 exclusive Returnal is headed to PC

Let's do the time warp again.

It looks like PS5 exclusive Returnal may be heading to PC.

Details for Housemarque's BAFTA winning sci-fi roguelike have been spotted on SteamDB, including references to its Tower of Sisyphus DLC, Selene's ship Helios, and the alien planet of Atropos.

Returnal would follow the likes of God of War earlier this year, as well as Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn as previous console exclusives arriving on PC.

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Indeed, as stated in yesterday's investors presentation by exec Jim Ryan, Sony expects to make $300m on PC games this year.

Looks like Returnal could be next to add to that figure. After all, Housemarque is now a first party studio.

There's no further information, or a release date. One big question: how will the PS5's DualSense features transfer over?

Returnal will also be available on Sony's PS Plus subscription service - it's the most recent PS5 exclusive, except the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.

Housemarque boss Ilari Kuittinen told Eurogamer he hopes the game will reach a new audience on PS Plus.

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