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Save 33 per cent on this Asus 1440p 170Hz gaming monitor

170Hz, for almost £170 less.

When you're gaming you want a smooth experience at all times. High frame rates with minimal screen tearing and ghosting are vital when playing competetive shooters like Call of Duty and CS:GO, and high resolution and pixel densities make RPGs like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West really stand out.

It continues to get more affordable to upgrade to a 1440p monitor with a 120Hz or greater refresh rate now, and with graphics cards finally coming down in price it will be easier to run the latest games at those specifications too.

ASUS make loads of great gaming prodcuts, including gaming monitors, and right now you can get an ASUS TUF series gaming monitor with a 170Hz, 1440p IPS panel for just £350 at Amazon.

The TUF VG27AQL1A monitor supports both G-sync with Nvidia Geforce graphics cards and Freesync with AMD Radeon graphics cards. This monitor has variable refresh rate (vrr) enabled by default, so you'll need to use the monitor settings to turn that off if you wan't it constantly above 144Hz. If you want it to run at 170Hz you'll also have to go into the settings to overclock it from 144Hz.

If you're not a super competetive gamer and aren't concerned with having the highest refresh rate, you can get a version of this monitor that overclocks to 165Hz instead for £298.99, which is also a 33 per cent saving.

For £50 less you won't get a USB port on the monitor like you do on the 170Hz model, and the colour reprodcution isn't quite as good but otherwise you still get HDR10 and great viewing angles.

No matter which you buy you'll be gaming in smooth cyrstal-clear conditions and your desk space will look snazzy to boot. If you want something smaller, or bigger, or with even higher refresh rate then check out the best gaming monitors guide over at Digital Foundry. Also make sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account where you can keep up to date on monitor deals, console stock, sales events and more.

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