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Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive PS3 Performance Video

30 frames per second with screen-tear during taxing scenes characterises the PS3 version of this game.

Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive Digital Foundry PC Performance Video.

The Digital Foundry PC is ideally suited to low-demand games like Global Offensive. Even cranked up to 1080p with 4x MSAA, and all other settings completely maxed out, the frame rate rarely drops below 60FPS. Here we see the Lake map in Demolition mode ca

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In my younger and more vulnerable years, I spent a lot of time getting shot in the head in Counter-Strike: Source. While there were many factors working against me - my age, my characteristic lack of dexterity, my (for the time) toaster-level PC, and my bargain-bin 200 DPI Dell laser mouse - I never let these disadvantages stop me from padding some lucky player's K/D ratio with my ill-fated MAC-10 rushes. When I would search through the list of servers for players of a similar skill level, I would come across a panoply of fan-made mods and maps intended to offer a respite from the endless dual grind of de_dust and cs_office, and I would occasionally take the plunge and sully my dad's hard-drive with these bizarre creations.

We have an odd relationship with gambling in the UK. You'd be hard-pressed to find a high street or city centre that doesn't have at least a couple of bookmakers' shops mixed into it, offering bets on everything from horse racing and football to whether or not Kate Winslet will cry if she wins an Oscar (yes that was a real thing). But how does esports fit in?

CS:GO went three to play and got a battle royale mode last week - but the surprises didn't end there, as players discovered a cryptic message which some speculated was an ARG to tease Portal 3. Despite the best efforts of CS:GO sleuths, however, Valve has since confirmed this is actually just an Easter egg - although it's still a pretty neat discovery.

CS:GO update blocks players in Netherlands and Belgium from opening loot boxes

A new CS:GO update has blocked players in the Netherlands and Belgium from opening containers - the game's version of loot boxes.

Valve's change comes after both Dutch and Belgian authorities declared some in-game loot boxes were gambling and warned publishers to remove them from games or face the consequences.

In April, the Netherlands' gaming authority looked at the loot boxes in 10 games and found four contravened its Betting and Gaming Act. It did not publicly name the games in question.

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I have no idea how dunking a bunch of 20-somethings in a hole in a frozen lake helps pro esports organisation Fnatic find a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive academy team, nor how watching a largely unfit group tackle a kind of special ops obstacle course helps their cause, but it's cringingly fun to watch. And that, I suppose, is what Season 2 of CSGO reality show Gamerz is all about.

Valve updates Counter-Strike's most iconic map

Valve has updated Dust 2, probably the most popular and iconic Counter-Strike map.

In a post on the Counter-Strike website, Valve said it had improved "player readability" throughout the map, refined movement around the world including cover, and, crucially, upgraded the visuals to be in-line with modern maps. But it stressed it has not redesigned the map, considered one of the most balanced in CS:GO.

To give you an idea of the work Valve has done, at Bombsite B a number of overly dark spots in Tunnels now have natural light pouring in via a crumbling, torn away roof. The broken down car at the bomb site has been moved a bit to allow more free player flow, and the break in the wall has now been widened. Scaffold has been simplified (metal pipes should no longer get in your way) and a few electrical poles have been moved outside the playspace.

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Esports are coming to BBC Three

To Gfinity and beyond.

BBC Three has announced it will bring viewers four hours of live esports coverage every weekend for the next six weeks, in collaboration with BBC Sport.

Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

Mix of old and new, big and small.

Happy New Year! Valve has revealed the top 100 best selling games on Steam in 2016. And given the size and dominance of Steam in the desktop gaming marketplace, the results are worth noting.

Valve refutes gambling commission's accusations of illegal activity

"We are not aware of any such law that Steam or our games are violating."

Earlier this month the Washington State Gambling Commission set its sights on Valve, accusing the Steam developer of facilitating gambling as a number of illegal sites use Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins as a form of currency for gambling. Since some skins are very rare, they get assigned high values of real-world currency, making them convenient for gambling sites to use as chips, so to speak. Valve has retaliated against these accusations, claiming that it's been compliant with the law and has previously collaborated with the Gambling Commission to crack down on sites using Steam services for nefarious means.

CS:GO pros fight for $100,000 at EGX 2016

Plus: Playable Battlefield 1, Horizon and Dawn of War 3.

There will be some bamboozling pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action at EGX in Birmingham next month as Gfinity flies-in four of the best teams in the world to compete for $100,000.

Newell on Source 2, CS:GO Linux and... Ricochet 2

Valve boss takes on Reddit AMA.

Valve boss Gabe Newell has concluded his Reddit AMA (conducted to support the fundraising effort Valve is doing for the Seattle Children's Hospital), and in the process has offered a few snippets of information on what the company is up to.

Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community map pack

Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community map pack

Operation Payback brings seven top maps to official servers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developer Valve has announced Operation Payback - a collection of seven top-rated community maps now available on official servers.

An Operation Payback pass costs $2.99 (down from $5.99 for a limited time). At least some of the money will go back to the maps' creators, although Valve doesn't specify how much.

The pass lets you bring friends into matches on Payback maps, which are hosted on low-ping official servers. You'll also get an exclusive challenge coin.

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Gabe Newell named as next AIAS Hall of Famer

Oh they'll induct anyone have they no standards etc..

Such is his influence on the world of videogames and computing that it's a wonder Gabe Newell hasn't been inducted into the prestigious Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame already. This coming February at the 2013 D.I.C.E. summit will be his moment.

It's a busy time for Valve, and it's a busy time for Chet Faliszek. Fresh from his work on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (more on its absence from the EU PlayStation Store later), he's now hard at work making Left 4 Dead, the ground-breaking co-op zombie thriller, better. But he still found the time to pop along to Eurogamer Expo last week to deliver a developer session (twice) on how to get a job in the game industry.

Counter-Strike: GO misses PlayStation Store for fourth week

Digital releases for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 aim to scratch your multiplayer itch instead.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has failed to appear on the EU PlayStation Store once again, marking four weeks since it was supposed to launch. Xbox 360 and PC players have been able to play the game since August 21st.

Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive Digital Foundry PC Performance Video.

The Digital Foundry PC is ideally suited to low-demand games like Global Offensive. Even cranked up to 1080p with 4x MSAA, and all other settings completely maxed out, the frame rate rarely drops below 60FPS. Here we see the Lake map in Demolition mode ca

The Digital Foundry PC is ideally suited to low-demand games like Global Offensive. Even cranked up to 1080p with 4x MSAA, and all other settings completely maxed out, the frame rate rarely drops below 60FPS. Here we see the Lake map in Demolition mode ca Podcast #125: Globally Offensive

The new Counter-Strike is out today. Three 'specialists' discuss their work in its theatres.

"Freedom is not going to protect itself." If there are any words that more accurately summarise Eurogamer's position on the War On Terror, then I have not made them up yet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

I am what you might call a lapsed Terrorist. Around a decade ago, you could often find me skulking around Italian wine cellars with AK-47s, or cowering behind hostages in a conference room watching for SWAT. I wasn't exactly a brilliant servant to the cause - some of my exploits made the underpants bomber look like a pro, like headshotting one of my team-mates with a grenade while he checked a stairwell - but I was dedicated. No matter how many times I would charge into battle, knife in hand for faster movement, only to be blinded by a flashbang and then slain while hopping wildly into a wall of gunfire, I would always be there the next time around, ready to lay down my life all over again.

(I also played as a Counter-Terrorist half the time, obviously, but my heart was never in it.)

I can't remember why I stopped playing Counter-Strike, but I'm immediately back at home in Global Offensive, Valve and Hidden Path's latest overhaul of Jess Cliffe and Minh Le's original Half-Life modification. The main team-based objective modes see Terrorists trying to plant a bomb while Counter-Terrorists try to wipe them out and/or defuse it, or Counter-Terrorists trying to rescue hostages while Terrorists try to wipe them out. Cash earned from kills or team success allows you to buy better weapons before each round, and these modes take you on a tour of some of the best multiplayer shooter levels ever designed: Dust, Italy, Nuke, Train, Dust 2, Aztec, Office and Inferno. You're also rewarded with superficial awards and MVP points, but beyond that there's no XP-based progression, classes or custom builds, and once you're dead there's no respawning until the next round begins, so life is a bit more valuable than it is in other shooters.

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Blowing Off Some Enthusiasm: Fun Times in Counter-Strike and Spelunky

Some happy Friday rambling about stuff in video games. No harm done.

Earlier today, I was sat at my desk listening to the chorus of early-morning tweets from friends and co-workers, and one stuck out to me. GamesIndustry International editor Matt Martin reflected on his time in Cologne this week with this: "Almost all my interviews at Gamescom this week were about free-to-play. Anything else was just filler."

Counter-Strike: GO hour-long trial exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers

An hour-long timed trial of the full Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game will be offered exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS3.

"This is a special demo and not available in the PlayStation Store," Sony America explained (via Kotaku).

If you're on an American time-zone, the timed trial will be downloaded automatically - via Automatic Download - while you sleep on 20th August. That's the eve of CS: GO's global launch. So, presumably, the trial won't be playable until 21st. But this isn't specified.

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Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Disallows class action lawsuits, improves individual claims.

Before you can use Steam, you must agree to Steam's terms. And those terms - the Steam Subscriber Agreement and Valve's Privacy Policy - have been updated.

Valve has also opened a new office in Luxembourg to better serve its European audience with. Nice place, Luxembourg - has a population of half-a-million and a capital city named Luxembourg.

The most significant change to the Steam terms concerns taking Valve to court over a dispute.

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Valve launches Steam remote downloads

Valve launches Steam remote downloads

Download pre-loads, new releases and latest purchases while out and about.

Valve has launched Steam remote downloads.

The feature, which was in beta, enables Steam users to manage their library of games remotely via the internet. If you leave Steam running on your PC or Mac, you can log into the Steam website or mobile access and download pre-loads, new releases and latest purchases, as soon as they're available. When you're home, your new downloads will be installed and ready to play.

You can do this from the Games list on the Steam Community site, which you can access from a web browser or the Steam mobile app. The Games list will reflect the installation state of your library on that machine. Find your game and hit install to trigger remote download.

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Valve: piracy a "non-issue" for Steam

Perhaps Gabe Newell along.

Valve co-founder and CEO Gabe Newell believes piracy stems not from price, but from convenience. And as Steam boasts fast access to a dizzying selection of games, so piracy has become "basically a non-issue" for Valve.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta release date revealed

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta release date revealed

To launch worldwide for anyone with a key.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive public beta goes live worldwide to anyone in possession of a key on 30th November, Valve has announced.

Valve said on Twitter "it is important to us to get current players in the beta. That will happen. No ETA on when yet".

The beta is available for the PC only. It begins with two maps: Dust and Dust2, and is designed to be at first a "subset" of the game.

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Valve delays Counter-Strike: GO beta

Valve delays Counter-Strike: GO beta

Full release "when the community tells us".

Valve has delayed the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta because of feedback given by professional Counter-Strike 1.6 players.

The closed beta was planned for October, and now has no start date.

Professionals were invited to play the game and offer their thoughts. Valve's Chet Faliszek explained that their early access was granted because they could "talk intelligently about the game", whereas with the masses, constructive feedback can be hard to come by.

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Valve announces new CS: GO modes

Valve announces new CS: GO modes

New spins on Gun Game.

Valve has announced a brace of new modes for its online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Arsenal: Demolition and Arsenal: Arms Race coming to the popular game.

Both modes are a spin on the popular mod Gun Game, which sees players starting with a basic loadout, which is then upgraded as they chalk up more kills. The two new modes will also introduce eight new maps for the game.

"We are excited that Valve reached out and is working with us to

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It can be difficult to get into a multiplayer shooter that's been out for even a week. Other players will know the layout of the maps, have a keener understanding of the weapons, and a better feel for the controls. Now imagine getting into a game that's been played obsessively for over a decade and it can feel next to impossible.

FeatureSteam vs. Origin: Is Competition Good for Gamers?

EA, GOG, Gamersgate, Gabe Newell weigh in.

From its humble roots as a conduit for Counter-Strike back in 2003 to its current status as a digital delivery juggernaut with over 30 million subscribers, Steam's rise has been little short of remarkable. With an estimated 70 per cent share of the entire PC market, Valve's store has transformed a small developer into one of the games industry's most powerful players.