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Final Fantasy 9 animated series will reportedly be shown this week

Vivi exciting.

The Final Fantasy 9 animated series will be shown for the first time this week, following its reveal last year.

That's according to an interview in Animation Magazine with Bruno Danzel d'Aumont, VP of international licensing and marketing at the Paris-based animation studio Cyber Group Studios that's looking after the series.

Cyber Group will be showing a number of projects at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this week, including work on Final Fantasy 9.

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"It will be a great opportunity to share our upcoming plans with our licensees, agents, and new partners," said Danzel d'Aumont. "Additionally, our most recently developed shows - Digital Girl, The McFire Family, Press Start! and Final Fantasy 9 - will be presented for the first time. These four new series have a strong licensing appeal for different age targets."

No further details have been revealed, though it seems to be aiming towards a younger audience.

Final Fantasy 9 was first released in 2000, but has since been re-released on modern consoles.

A remake has also been rumoured, after it was included in the infamous Nvidia game leak - other games from that leak have since been confirmed.