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Pretty much every Final Fantasy soundtrack is now on Spotify and Apple Music

Dancing mad.

Forget any announcements ahead of E3 - the biggest news of the week is soundtracks to pretty much every Final Fantasy game are on Spotify and Apple Music.

The collection is pretty comprehensive - there's every mainline Final Fantasy game, several PLUS albums (bonus or unreleased tracks for games like 9, 11, 13 and 13-2), expansions for MMOs 11 and 14 and a variety of spin-offs, from Crisis Core to Tactics and more recent efforts such as Dissidia, Brave Exvius and World of Final Fantasy.

Even the Spirits Within is on there, for those pining to hear the score of an underappreciated cinema classic.

One catch is the majority of song titles are in Japanese, but the albums themselves appear easily enough by searching 'Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack', then select Albums on either service.

Meanwhile, Remedy Games audio designer Sam Hughes has created a monster Spotify playlist with every single song available - that's 2710 songs, or 135 hours - if you have five or so days to fill with the best music video games can offer.

Though, if you're like me, you'll end up playing 'You're Not Alone' on loop for the duration instead.