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The rumoured Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is reportedly real

Could a FF9 remake also be true?

Artwork of Final Fantasy Tactics characters
Image credit: Square Enix

The rumoured Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is reportedly real, according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.

Rumours of a remaster of the cult PS1 classic began back in 2021 after an infamous Nvidia leak included a list of datamined yet-to-be-announced games - including Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 9 alongside the now-released Chrono Cross remaster, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and more.

The likelihood of a Tactics remaster, however, was pulled into question earlier this week when renowned leaker Midori revealed themselves to be a fraud. They had recently been posting about Tactics, but fans have since been considering their credibility.

Final Fantasy 16 - The Rising Tide DLC Trailer | PS5 GamesWatch on YouTube

Schreier then weighed in on reddit with a straightforward message: "The Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is real and happening."

That's despite the original game's director Yasumi Matsuno squashing rumours of a Tactics remaster back in December last year.

"Currently, there are no plans for remastering," he posted on social media at the time. "Also, you have to convey your request to SQEX, not me. Thank you for your understanding."

As for Final Fantasy 9, earlier this week the Epic Games Store was datamined, revealing a huge list of unannounced games. Both Final Fantasy 9 and the PC release of Final Fantasy 16 are suspected to be included under codenames.

Further, in an interview with Dutch gaming site, Final Fantasy 14 and 16 boss Naoki Yoshida revealed his team - Creative Studio 3 - has two unannounced games in development.

"We're also working on some games that haven't been announced yet," said Yoshida (via Google translation). "Given how our team is structured, we can't work on a whole lot of games at once, but we'll keep doing our best. Soon there may be some announcements about two new games that we are working on."

Could his team be working on the rumoured Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy 9 remakes?

Back in March, Yoshida stated the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 was in the "final stages of optimisation", so perhaps an announcement on that at least will be made soon.

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