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Fortnite Sideways weapon locations: How to get and upgrade the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle explained

They come from another dimension...

Sideways weapons, which were introduced during Chapter 2 Season 8, have returned for one week in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2!

Until Tuesday 24th May, you can get and upgrade both the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle - as long as you can find them, of course.

Using one of these weapons will not only help you defeat your opponents, but gain XP by completing the Sideways Showdown Week challenges and, with that XP, you'll be able to unlock more rewards from this season's Battle Pass.

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What are the different Sideways weapons in Fortnite? Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle explained

The Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle were introduced during Fortite Chapter 2 Season 8 and have been unvaulted until Tuesday, 24th May in Chapter 3 Season 2.

These weapons are born of the alternative Sideways dimension and can be revved into a superpowered state where they'll deal bonus damage. The downside, however, is that reaching this state puts them close to overheating, so you need to use them carefully.

Finding and dealing damage with a Sideways weapon will help you complete the Sideways Showdown Week challenges, which also expire on Tuesday, 24th May.

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How to get Sideways weapons in Fortnite

Currently, there are three ways to find a Sideways weapon in Fortnite. The first is to kill a player who is carrying one, but, if you'd prefer to find one yourself.

Both the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle can be found in chests and on the ground throughout Fortnite until Tuesday, 24th May.

How to upgrade a Sideways weapon in Fortnite

Upgrading a Sideways weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is a lot easier than it was when these weapons first appeared.

Rather than having to hunt down Cube Monsters, you simply need to find an Upgrade Bench and have enough Gold Bars to afford the upgrade.

Below you can find how much it costs to upgrade both Sideways Weapons, because, thankfully, the price for both:

  • Rare to Epic - 375 Gold Bars
  • Epic to Legendary - 500 Gold Bars
  • Legendary to Mythic - 750 Gold Bars

If you'd like to learn more about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, check out our guides on the how to unlock The Prowler skin, how to get XP fast, jetpacks and where to find the energy fluctuation location near Loot Lake.

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