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New mod turns Elden Ring into a seamless co-op game

UPDATE: Public beta launches this week.

UPDATE 24/05/22: The co-op Elden Ring mod will hit public beta this week.

Modder LukeYui has been working away at the project, which will allow players to play the entire game seamlessly in co-op. Finally, a public beta will be available from 27th May on NexusMods.

Another video of the mod in action has been released, following tests streamed on Twitch. Check it out below!

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ORIGINAL STORY 25/04/22: A modder is working to make Elden Ring multiplayer more seamless.

Co-operative gameplay has been a staple of FromSoftware's games since Demon's Souls, allowing players to summon in help. However, if either player dies they must restart again; and if a boss is defeated, the summoned player will still be booted.

YouTuber LukeYui is now working on a mod that will stop players from being booted out during multiplayer (spotted by TheGamer).

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Two videos have been posted on LukeYui's channel. The first shows the mod in action, with two players fighting the Tree Sentinel at the start of the game.

Not only is the second player summoned without the use of a summon sign or Furlcalling Finger Remedy as usual, but both players die (separately) at different parts of the fight before respawning back into the game to continue the fight.

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The second video shows further features, like voting on where to fast travel to, synchronised waypoints on the map, and a spectator mode upon death.

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Elden Ring is ostensibly a single player game with co-operation added with the summon system predominantly as a means to help out with specific tricky sections or bosses.

But this mod means the game can be played as a more consistent co-operative experience without having to re-summon the same player repeatedly. If you've been wanting to play the game as a two-player co-op game with a pal, this is the mod for you.

LukeYui has a number of mods available on Nexus Mods. You can support them through Ko-fi.

Other mods for Elden Ring are already available, from summoning the legendary Let Me Solo Her player to new difficulty modes.