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Easy and hard mode mods available in Elden Ring

There's no one way to play.

You can now tweak the difficulty of Elden Ring to your liking using mods on PC.

The discourse around the game and its steep challenge is never ending, but for those who want a breezier adventure the Easy Mode for Elden Ring mod exists to make the game easier "for angry Gamers".

In retaliation, a Prepare To Die (Hard Mode) mod also exists, with its creator stating "I got sick of seeing all of these 'easy mode' mods being pumped out every other day so I made this mod instead."

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Easy Mode reduces damage by 50 percent, adds 25 percent more damage from the player, and boosts rune acquisition by ten times. It will certainly be easy to get overpowered.

By contrast, the Hard Mode mod changes enemy stats to new game plus levels, while leaving health, focus and stamina at normal levels.

What's more, it enhances enemy AI so they see and hear you more easily (making stealth almost mandatory); makes warping only available to churches and cathedrals; and amends new game plus mode accordingly. To note, only 10 percent of enemies in the game have had their AI changed, with more to come.

Both mods are available on Nexus Mods (spotted by PC Gamer).

In short, there's no one way to play Elden Ring, so feel free to use mods to tweak your game in either direction. Just remember you can only use mods in offline mode.

If difficulty mods aren't your thing, then there's a mod that adds a pause feature (even though it's not necessarily needed) and even a photo mode mod.

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