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New mod lets you pause Elden Ring

Try fingers on pause.

A new mod has been released that lets PC players pause Elden Ring.

As with all Souls games, players are unable to pause the game. That's in part due to its online features - summoning and messaging - but also as part of its brutal atmosphere. You're never safe.

PlayStation 5 players were able to get around this on Demon's Souls using the photo mode, but no such mode exists in Elden Ring, even if playing offline.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring PC Performance Simply Isn't Good Enough

Pause The Game, by modder TechieW, let's you... well, pause the game. Simple.

PC players can also take advantage of a mod that unlocks the frame rate cap for the game.

Github user uberhalit's mod patches the game memory while running, rather than changing any game files. It means PC players don't have to settle for 60fps but can aim higher - something many will be interested in following reports of issues with the PC version.

There's a catch to all this, though. Both mods can only be activated by playing the game offline and deactivating Elden Ring's built-in Easy Anti-Cheat.

That means no helpful messages, no summoning other players, and no invasions. Whether the benefits of pausing or improved frame rates are worth it is up to you.

FromSoftware could also issue bans for players who deactivate the Anti-Cheat. PC Gamer reports a notification saying "inappropriate activity detected", so be warned if you're looking to test out the mods.