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There's a fan-made N64 demake of Portal in the works

We do what we must because we can.

From Elden Ring on Game Boy to that Advance Wars/Mass Effect mash-up, demakes are all the rage these days - and now it's classic first-person puzzler Portal's turn to get the retro port treatment, courtesy of a new fan project to rebuild it for N64.

Portal, of course, released back in 2007 as part of Valve's legendary Orange Box collection, where it immediately wrought cake memes, Companion Cubes and iconic antagonist GLaDOS upon an unsuspecting world. It also proved to be an ingenious puzzler beneath all that - tasking players with manipulating portals to navigate increasingly devious challenges - and one that still holds up wonderfully today.

The currently in-development Portal demake, officially known as Portal 64, is the work of developer James Lambert, and is ambitiously attempting to pack the entire experience of Valve's classic - memes, portals, puzzles, and all - down onto Nintendo hardware that preceded its release by over a decade.

Portal Demake for Nintendo 64 - Portal Gun.Watch on YouTube

Lambert has been sharing progress on his efforts to rebuild Portal to run on Nintendo 64 hardware for a couple of months now, showcasing everything from the project's physics engine to his first time walking through portals in-game. Now though, in his latest progress update, he's offered a look at the iconic portal gun doing what it does best - effectively bringing those previously revealed elements together into something resembling a playable Portal for the first time - all running on real N64 hardware. It's fun, impressive stuff!

There's no hint as to when Lambert hopes to have the project completed by, but interested parties can download the latest version of Portal 64 via Github if they're eager to learn more.

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