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Enhanced Edition of Raji: An Ancient Epic adds ray-tracing and Hindi voiceover

Plus updated combat and difficulty modes.

A new Enhanced Edition of Raji: An Ancient Epic is out now on PC, with ray-tracing and multiple improvements.

Released back in 2020, the action adventure game is set in ancient India and is inspired by Hindu deities, folklore and the medieval architecture of Rajasthan.

The Enhanced Edition notably adds ray-tracing to update the stunning visuals, as well as full Hindi voiceover for a more authentic experience.

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Further, there are plenty of small improvements - especially to combat. Pacing has been improved, health has been rebalanced for Raji and enemies, visual effects have been improved, animations have been removed or tightened, and much more.

For those less interested in combat, there's also a story mode where Raji is invincible and enemies die in one hit.

The flip side of that is One Shot One Kill mode where Raji is also susceptible to just one hit.

Raji: An Ancient Epic - Enhanced Edition is now available as a free update on Steam, Epic, and GOG. Eurogamer has been told that the update will also be added to consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch) in the near future.

We described the game as "a gorgeous adventure through architecture and myth" in our Raji: An Ancient Epic review.

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