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Nintendo contractor concerns "troubling", Doug Bowser says

"We are closely reviewing the content."

Nintendo of America boss Doug Bowser has commented on the ongoing emergence of reports from contract workers discussing employee rights and working conditions.

Writing in an internal email, excerpts of which were posted by Axios, Bowser acknowledged the various reports which have surfaced over the past weeks "about alleged working conditions at Nintendo".

He continue: "Like many of you, the executive leadership team and I find many of these points troubling, and we are closely reviewing the content."

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Bowser's comments are aimed at previous reports by IGN and Kotaku which included comments from various current and former contract workers at Nintendo. Criticism was raised for how the company differentiates between full-time and contract staff in terms of pay, benefits and a feeling of inclusion, as well as the lack of a solid progression path to becoming a permanent employee.

Axios' report includes similar sentiments from Nintendo contractors, speaking anonymously. In one case, a former employee claims they were told if they went to attend their grandad's funeral, they "wouldn't have a job" when they got back.

The report concludes with mention of previous rumblings around contract worker unionisation, which Nintendo allegedly discouraged.

"If any change is going to happen, it's going to have to be a bad publicity thing," a current contractor said.

We've contacted Nintendo for comment.

Bowser's predecessor, Reggie Fils-Aimé, last week distanced himself from the matter, and claimed the issues raised did not reflect the Nintendo which he left.