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Pokémon Go Gym Badges explained, how to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges

Everything you need to know about Gym Badges in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Gym Badges can be levelled up to get extra rewards and XP.

Introduced during the game's Gym rework update in 2017, Gym Badges incentivise players to return to and improve specific Gyms to get these extra rewards, and offers another item for collectors to focus on.

This guide will detail exactly what badges do, and how to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges in Pokémon Go

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How do Gym Badges work in Pokémon Go?

Each Gym you interact with will give you a Gym Badge unique to that location. Simply spinning the photo disc will unlock the opening Basic badge.

To view your badges, go to your Trainer Profile, scroll down to the Gym Badges section, then tap 'List'. You can also view them all by tapping the Gym Badge map in the bottom left-hand corner when in the list menu. This opens a world map and shows you a rough projection of all the Gyms you have interacted with globally.

The list shows you all your Gym Badges, which come in Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold varieties. So what do Gym Badges do in Pokémon Go? Each tier offers a bonus item and additional XP when spinning that Gym's photo disc.

How to get Bronze, Silver and Gold Gym Badges in Pokémon Go

You can level up Gym Badges by performing the following activities:

  • Adding Pokémon to the Gym: 100 Badge XP
  • Holding a creature at the Gym: 1 Badge XP per minute
  • Defeating a defending Pokémon: CP of Pokémon defeated divided by 100
  • Winning a Raid battle: 1,000 Badge XP
  • Giving Berries to Pokémon held at the Gym: 50 Badge XP, as well as 30 Stardust and a possibility of Candy

By performing the above activities, whether you are passive and prefer to increase Motivation with Berries or are actively battling and holding creatures there, you can easily level up your badge over time and increase the rewards you receive.

The tier requirements and rewards for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Gym Badges are as follows:

Gym BadgeAdditional XPTotal XPReward
Bronze500 XP500 XP1 bonus item
Silver3500 XP4000 XP2 bonus items
Gold26,000 XP30,000 XP3 bonus items

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Other helpful Gym Badge information in Pokémon Go

The following stats and facts can help you understand Gym Badges better in Pokémon Go:

Badges show information about specific Gym activities.
  • The bonus items you get from upgrading a Gym's tier will be a random selection from the item pool already available for spinning PokéStops, like Poké Balls, Berries, healing items, and (rarely) evolution items .You also receive another item if your team is currently holding that Gym (thanks to the Silph Road sub-Reddit for clarifying).
  • You also receive a small amount of XP for every Gym disc spin. Each tier adds an additional 25 XP - so 25 XP for the base, through to 100 XP for the maxed out Gold tier - with an additional 25 percent added if your team owns the Gym.
  • Gym Badges also act as a management screen for Gyms, allowing you to see which Pokémon are placed where.
  • Each Gym Badge will also showcase a range of information about that Gym, from the time your Pokémon have been in there, to number of victories and treats you've provided.
  • Thanks to information from Lord_Lazerath from The Silph Road subreddit, we know that if a Gym gets removed, its Badge will remain in your inventory.
  • Once you reach 1,000 Gold Gym Badges, they will start to disappear from your Badge list as you discover more Gyms. Once you spin the photo disk of a Gym that has left your list again, your Gold Badge and its extra rewards will return.

Good luck with earning those Gym Badges in Pokémon Go!