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New PlayStation Plus demos are different lengths depending on game

Time flies.

Uncharted heroine Chloe Frazer in close up, looking at a trio of golden-looking figurines on a ledge of some kind. She's sweaty and dirty, and concentrating.
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With Sony's new look PlayStation subscription service now in full swing in Asia, we are getting more and more snippets of information about what it actually offers. This includes a closer look at some of the game trials that are available through the service. However, this feature is not going to take a one size (or length) fits all approach.

As noticed by PSVortex, games such as Horizon: Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 will have trials lasting five hours, which seems a fairly generous offering.

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Meanwhile, other titles such as the recently released Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection and WWE 2K22, only offer trials for two hours.

In addition to this, it has transpired that while Sony said the service would boast 700 games for users to sink their teeth into, the actual figure in seems to be much less - for now at least.

In Hong Kong, that number actually sits at a comparatively meagre 269. While this region does not have PS3 streaming games available (which is why the higher-tier price here is named "Deluxe" rather than Premium), this does not account for the almost 500 missing titles.

As a reminder, PlayStation Plus relaunches in Europe on 23rd June, following its rollout in North and South America on 13th June, and in Japan on 2nd June.

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