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Silent Hill 2 remake rumoured to be in the works at Bloober

In addition to a new mainline entry.

Bloober Team is rumoured to be working on a remake of Silent Hill 2, with reworked puzzles and new endings, as a timed PlayStation exclusive.

The rumour comes courtesy of Nate the Hate and has been corroborated by VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb.

It's also rumoured that multiple Silent Hill projects are in the works, including a new mainline entry in the series as well as side projects.

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"This is the stuff I've heard, and it comes from multiple different sources," said Grubb.

"Not all of my sources are primary, but everything is mostly lining up. To me, the biggest indicator is the stuff I've seen lines up with Konami doing a big reveal at E3 last year before it pulled out."

The news follows concept art that was leaked last week, supposedly from a new Silent Hill game.

The leaker claimed this wasn't the only Silent Hill game being worked on. Could this be the rumoured mainline entry, in addition to a Silent Hill 2 remake?

The concept art features striking images of a woman's face made of post-its and hateful phrases. It's also been speculated it may be set in Britain.

Bloober Team, the developer behind the Blair Witch game and, more recently, The Medium, has struck a deal with Silent Hill publisher Konami and has been heavily rumoured to be working on a Silent Hill game.

So which is it? A remake, or a brand new entry? Or even both?