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Silent Hill game rating spotted in South Korea

What is The Short Message?

A rating for a new Silent Hill game has been spotted in South Korea.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated by The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, as spotted by Gematsu.

Platforms have not been specified, but the publisher is listed as UNIANA, which publishes Konami games in the country - eFootball 2023 was also included in this crop of ratings.

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It's unclear what exactly The Short Message could be, or if it relates to a string of leaks from the past few months.

Another new screenshot, reportedly from a Silent Hill game, was shared by leaker Dusk Golem with Japanese text, as posted on reddit.

Concept art for a Silent Hill game was leaked back in May, featuring a woman's face seemingly made of post-it notes with hurtful phrases written on. Fans have speculated, through the language, the game may be set in the UK.

There's also an apparent remake of Silent Hill 2 rumoured.

However, YouTuber Dan Allen recently outed himself as being behind a series of leaks of multiple games and admitted fabricating Silent Hill rumours.

In addition, Bloober Team is said to be working on a new Silent Hill game, though it remains unclear what this might be.

The news of Silent Hill: The Short Message does imply something concrete could be revealed soon.

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