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Silent Hill 2 modders have finally fixed a 20-year-old bug

PC version no longer crashes.

The modders behind Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition have finally fixed a 20-year-old bug that's plagued the PC version of the game.

Previously, an infamous bug when playing on a PC with a multicore processor (as most modern PCs have) would cause the audio to skip and the game to crash, making it all but unplayable.

Now, the creators of the Enhanced Edition have fixed the issue by implementing a custom streaming audio engine.

Let's Play Silent Hill - Late To The Party

The fix comes in the latest version of The Enhanced Edition, which also includes a number of other new features.

There's a new launcher for future updates, upscaled FMVs, and other tweaks and fixes - all detailed in a new trailer.

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition Update Video #8

The website for the edition also lists included features, such as "use of a widescreen camera; high definition resolutions; upscaled fonts and 2D images; PlayStation 2 quality audio, fog, and shadows; restored post-processing effects; better controller support; and much more".

However, this does all require a copy of the original Silent Hill 2 on PC.

Meanwhile, it's been heavily rumoured that Bloober Team is working on a remake of the game.

Other fans have been working on a remake of the first game in Unreal Engine 5.

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