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Silent Hill 2 Remake screenshots allegedly leak online

Now it's time to end this.

Another day, another alleged Silent Hill leak. This one purports to be of Bloober Team's alleged Silent Hill 2 remake.

They're incredibly small and incredibly bad quality, which means they're impossible to confirm either way with any credible veracity, but the poster shared the images with the legend: "First leaked image of Silent Hill 2 Remake supposedly developed by Bloober Team".

Cover image for YouTube videoP.T. - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE
P.T. - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE.

As for what they show? We seem to be looking at a third-person POV with the camera behind the left shoulder rather than a fixed angle. The third is the most compelling - it appears to be a bubble head nurse and reminds me of Brookhaven Hospital, when the nurse jumps out from near the elevator - whereas the top is reminiscent of the leaked concept art images we saw a few months back.

And while we only see the back of his head, the character's jacket is the right signature green, and the haircut more than faintly resemble's Silent Hill 2's lead, James Sunderland.

"Okay, so I'll say this if these are out there," opined Dusk Golem said on ResetEra, who's been telling us a new Silent Hill game - or three - is on the way for years.

"They're real, but they're not even CLOSE to the final product. These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so its literally a no budget proof of concept thing rather than a final product, just keep that in mind. Out of everything that could've leaked, this isn't actually what the final game looks like."

"I mentioned before Konami was looking for pitches in Summer of 2018, this was one of the pitches that got greenlit, but take it for what it is; a proof of concept no budget demo to pitch a concept."

Are the screenshots real? With that size and quality, who knows. For now, though, I suggest we take it all with a giant bucket of sceptical salt and presume not until proven otherwise.

Konami has released its lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2022, including a new unannounced game and a 45-minute presentation.

Bloober Team, the developer behind the Blair Witch game and, more recently, The Medium, has struck a deal with Silent Hill publisher Konami and has been heavily rumoured to be working on a Silent Hill game. Concept art of the alleged game leaked over the summer.