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Ooblets will release in full this summer

Follows two years of early access.

Ooblets will finally leave early access and release in full this summer.

The news was revealed at Nintendo's latest Indie World Showcase, though the game will be available on Xbox and PC (via Epic) as well as on Switch.

The 1.0 release of Ooblets will include all previous content, as well as new locations, new quests, and the long-awaited conclusion to the main storyline.

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Ooblets was first released in early access in summer 2020, but what's it about?

Players will befriend little ooblet pals, renovate a farm, design a house, and participate in dance battles (obviously).

It's a cute, cosy little farming life sim with plenty of charm. And yes, you can pet the ooblets.

There's no specific release date just yet. But until then, check out our thoughts on Ooblets from the early access release.

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