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WWE 2K20 and 2K19 servers shutting down

Drop ball.

2K is calling time on the poorly-received WWE 2K20, as well as WWE 2K19, and pulling their servers offline.

Online functionality for both games will cease on 30th June, meaning no more access to online matches or community-made content.

WWE 2K19, released in 2018, was the final game from long-time series stalwart Yuke's. WWE 2K20, released in 2019, was the disastrous follow-up solely made by Visual Concepts, previously the series' co-developer.

This year's well-received WWE 2K22.

Upon release, WWE 2K20 was widely-ridiculed for the number of bugs and technical issues which plagued the game. So bad was its state, that 2K canned its planned WWE 2K21 so Visual Concepts could right its ship and release something better next time around.

Which, to be fair, it did. WWE 2K22 finally arrived in March this year and was well-received.

In the meantime, Yuke's has moved on to new AEW wresting game project AEW Fight Forever. And in other wrestling game news, WWE recently confirmed it had licensed an upcoming WWE RPG.

Before you go - for one last time, here's how WWE 2K20 looked at launch:

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