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2K reveals "everything you need to know" about WWE 2K22's MyFaction mode

"Collect Superstars, managers, and boosts, form the ultimate WWE stable, and take on challenges."

2K has revealed what's coming in its "innovative"," "franchise-first" new MyFaction Mode.

"MyFaction is a new take on a classic team-building mode in which players collect, manage, and upgrade an array of WWE Superstars and Legends to create their ultimate four-person factions," 2K explains via a press release. "Managers and Side Plates boost performance, while Logos, Wallpapers, and Nameplates allow for creative customisation."

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2K is also keen for you to know that "anything that players can unlock with Virtual Currency can also be unlocked with MyFaction Points", and as it's an "online single-player only experience [...] players cannot gain a competitive advantage over other players by purchasing virtual currency" - or, in simpler terms, you can't pay to win.

There are three types of in-game currency available in MyFaction; Points, Tokens, and a virtual currency called, uh, Virtual Currency. Points can be exchanged for card packs and contracts, Tokens can be used in the Token Rewards market to unlock powerful WWE Superstar and Legend cards, and Virtual Currency is available for purchase and can be used "exclusively in MyFaction on card packs, boxes, and contracts".

2K recommends that players must "make important choices when it comes to selecting the best Superstars for their factions", and balance their roster according to muscle, speed, and martial arts prowess. To get the "countless combinations" right, "experimentation is encouraged".

Other rewards are available in MyFaction, too, including Weekly Towers and Faction Wars, and new themed card packs "will roll out frequently".

WWE 2K22 is set to release on 11th March, 2022, for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One, although the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition and nWo 4-Life Digital Edition will be available a tad earlier from 8th March, 2022.

The annual franchise took a year off in 2021 after Visual Concepts' WWE 2K20 was widely panned, prompting Sony to issue refunds to unhappy customers as countless players posted clips of bugs and other issues and Visual Concepts attempted to patch up the game.

Ultimately, reception to the broken WWE 2K20 was so poor that a planned WWE 2K21 follow-up was scrapped. Instead, we saw the launch of the cartoonish WWE 2K Battlegrounds instead, while the main series was given more time to rest up before returning. We'll find out later this month if it was worth the wait.

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