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WWE 2K22 will attempt to get the series back on track

After disastrous 2K20, and canned entry last year.

WWE 2K22 will launch later this year and attempt to right the wrestling sim series after a rocky couple of years.

Announced during this weekend's WrestleMania 37 event, WWE 2K22 was briefly glimpsed in a short teaser which promised more details - including release date and launch platforms - would follow.

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After a successful run of WWE games made by Yuke's and Visual Concepts, the latter took on sole development duties for the widely-panned WWE 2K20.

Sony issued refunds to unhappy WWE 2K20 customers, as countless players posted clips of bugs and other issues and Visual Concepts attempted to patch up the game.

Ultimately, reception to the broken WWE 2K20 was so poor that a planned WWE 2K21 follow-up was scrapped. Last year saw the launch of the cartoonish WWE 2K Battlegrounds instead, while the main series was given more time to rest up before returning.

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