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WWE 2K22 details, including the cover, allegedly leak online

The lord works in Mysterio ways.

Details about upcoming WWE 2K22, including its cover, have reportedly leaked online.

According to the Twitter account of TechnikNews, Rey Mysterio will allegedly grace this year's cover. The site also intimates that pre-orders will go live "soon", but stopped short of providing a definitive date - although we already knew that it'll be sometime in March.

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But that's not all that's leaked. According to TechnikNews, a three-day Early Access period will go live on 8th March, and the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition reportedly includes both the Undertaker Immortal Pack and the Season Pass (thanks, VGC).

The former allegedly includes three additional Undertaker personas - Phantom Mask Undertaker, Lord of Darkness Undertaker, and Boneyard Match Undertaker - as well as MyFaction EVO cards for Undertaker, as well as unspecified MyFaction Perks and Bonuses. It's also available as a pre-order sweetener, too.

As well as the standard and deluxe editions, there's also reference to a WWE 2K22 nWo 4-Life edition, too, which will also reportedly include the Undertaker Immortal Pack.

The annual franchise took a year off in 2021 after Visual Concepts' WWE 2K20 was widely panned, prompting Sony to issue refunds to unhappy customers as countless players posted clips of bugs and other issues and Visual Concepts attempted to patch up the game.

Ultimately, reception to the broken WWE 2K20 was so poor that a planned WWE 2K21 follow-up was scrapped. Instead, we saw the launch of the cartoonish WWE 2K Battlegrounds instead, while the main series was given more time to rest up before returning. We'll find out in March if it was worth the wait.