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Nintendo shutting its Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sound library

Pick-a-tune no more.

Nintendo is shutting down the Pokémon DP sound library, mere months after it became available.

The sound library comprises music and sound effects from the 2006 DS games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, launched back in February.

However, an announcement on the library page states it will shut down on 31st May. No data will be available to stream or download after this date.

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If you've already downloaded data, it can still be used per the - rather stringent - terms and conditions.

The library had music and sounds divided into various playlists, though none of it could be used for commercial use of course.

Here's the announcement in full:

"Thank you for visiting the Pokémon DP Sound Library.

"We will be shutting down the service on 31st May, 2022, at 9am UTC. You will not be able to stream or download the sound data after this date.

"As for the sound data downloaded already, you will be able to continue using it within the scope of the Terms of Use and Guidelines. You can access this website to view the Terms of Use and Guidelines after the closure of Pokémon DP Sound Library. Please make sure to follow the latest Terms of Use and Guidelines when using the sound data.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you to everyone who has supported us since service launch."

It's unclear exactly why this is closing. But consider this your last chance to get downloading if you wanted to.

In the meantime, The Pokémon Company has had a record financial year thanks to the sales of its most recent games.

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