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Pokémon Unite Espeon build, best items and moveset

Our recommended Espeon build for Pokémon Unite.

A strong Espeon build will allow you to turn this Gen 2 Eeveelution into a powerful opponent in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game.

Espeon is classified as an Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so, when playing, your primary goals will be to inflict massive damage and knock out enemy Pokemon to use this chance to score goals. To do any of this, you will need to be informed on the best items and moves for Espeon.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best Espeon build and, if you would like to see how Espeon measures up to the other Pokémon on Unite’s roster, please visit our Pokémon Unite Tier List.

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Espeon Character Spotlight | Pokémon Unite

Espeon build: Our recommendations for the best Espeon moveset in Pokémon Unite

Espeon lands into the Attacker Role in Pokémon Unite, which allows this Pokémon’s playstyle to consist of bursting down opponents with moves, knocking out enemy Pokémon, and landing crowd control moves in teamfights. If you have yet to play as an Attacker Pokémon, Espeon is a superb place to start learning the role.

Looking at Espeon’s stats, it is justified to mainly be used as an Attacker, but does lean into providing support capabilities that only a few other Attackers have. When using Espeon, you will mainly be damaging opponents from a distance, and using crowd control to slow or immobilise then knocking out Pokémon. Staying alive is your main priority as to not fall behind in experience or neglect aiding allies in fights.

As Espeon, you will need to stay near another ranged Attacker such as Sylveon, next to a Supporter like Blissey to receive shields and heals, or a Defender like Slowbro to follow up on disruptive moves used on enemy Pokémon. Pelting the enemy alongside another ranged Attacker will have your opponent’s HP whittling away and having them run back to heal. A Supporter will allow Espeon to survive longer, since Espeon itself is super squishy and has very little in the way of getting out of dire situations against All-Rounder Pokémon such as Aegislash or Machamp. Defenders will allow you to get out of combat by distracting the enemy or use their body to tank damage to make up for Espeon’s low max HP.

Espeon will need to be slightly cautious at the start until it learns both of its moves and increases its max HP through levels. Espeon’s advantages of stealing last hits on wild Pokémon will deny the enemy experience, while you receive all of the blessings experience gives, from levels to better moves. Espeon’s Ability - Magic Bounce – will negate a hindrance like being stunned, make it immune to hindrances for a short time, damages the enemy Pokémon that tried to deliver the hindrance, and decrease their movement speed for a short time. Magic Bounce will go on cooldown after it is generated.

Like other Pokémon that evolve, your goal at the start will be evolving Eevee into Espeon as soon as possible. You will want to reach Level 6 early on, so you can have its complete moveset at your command.

To learn more on Espeon's Evolution Line, be sure to visit the next section.

At the start of the match, you will need to choose either Swift and Growl.

We recommend choosing Swift, so it’s much swifter at defeating the starting Aipom efficiently. Eevee will learn Growl at Level 2, so you will be able to provide a sure hit slow on enemies.

At Level 4, you will have the choice between Psyshock or Stored Power.

We recommend choosing Psyshock because, when all of the projectiles hit a Pokémon, they will be stunned. Its range allows you to land the finishing blow on enemy Pokémon from further away, hits multiple Pokémon to decrease their movement speed or even stunning them, and, when upgraded, the speed of the projectiles will increase as well.

Reaching Level 6, you will then have the option between Psybeam and Future Sight.

We recommend choosing Future Sight because, when Psyshock is landed afterward, you can reduce its cooldown. It's an easily landable move due to it being a sure hit, deals increased damage on Pokémon low HP, and, if the Pokémon is knocked out by Future Sight, Espeon will be granted another energised Psyshock for a small time, which will cause an explosion with an area of effect.

When upgraded, if a Pokémon is locked-on by Future Sight, the opposing Pokémon will then receive extra damage.

Lastly, Espeon will learn its Unite Move at Level 8 – Psychic Solare.

Espeon will use all of its psychic energy to lift up enemy Pokémon in an area and damage them before pushing them. This immobilises enemies caught within Espeon’s circle. Be wary when using this move, because Espeon is unable to do anything else for the duration similar to Gardevoir’s Unite Move. This leaves you wide open for enemies outside of the circle who can knock out Espeon with ease, so it's best to use this move when other team members are present. You don’t want to waste such a destructive move without any allies to aid in dealing damage on the immobilised Pokémon.

It’s best to use Psychic Solare on fighting for Zapdos or turning the tides on a tough battle.

Do your best to catch as many enemy Pokémon as possible in the area of effect! Get as close as you can or use it to bypass obstacles to keep yourself safe! Got to stop them all!

Espeon's evolution line in Pokémon Unite explained

Though Eevee can evolve into one of eight different Pokémon in other games, when locking in before the match, this specific Eevee will only evolve into Espeon in Pokémon Unite.

You can even have two Eevee on your team or in the same lane, since Sylveon is available. Both Eevees will have slight visual differences from each other so as to not confuse before they each evolve in the match.

Eevee will evolve into Espeon when reaching Level 4.

Best held items for Espeon in Pokémon Unite explained

When deciding on Held Items in Pokémon Unite, you need to consider the items that will optimise the Pokémon’s strengths to then cover its weaknesses.

Espeon will be prioritised in defeating wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and sustaining fights to score points. For these reasons, Espeon will be needing Wise Glasses plus Choice Specs for its first two slots to increase its already ferocious damage output even moreso. These will both increase Espeon’s Special Attack significantly and increase the combo of Future Sight into Psyshock.

Espeon’s last slot can be chosen from either Focus Band or Buddy Barrier. Focus Band will provide healing, increased defence and increased special defence to survive longer in tough fights. Buddy Barrier will grant shields for allies, when using Psychic Solare and extra max HP for Espeon, but no healing.

We recommend choosing Focus Band to be able to survive long enough in the early parts of the match, when you are still trying to reach Level 4 to evolve. The added defence with increased special defence will allow Espeon to get away. And getting away with even a sliver of HP or coming back into the fight after Focus Band’s healing will allow you to be a deadly Pokémon on the battlefield.

Best battle items for Espeon in Pokémon Unite explained

Ideally, it's best to choose Eject Button for Espeon’s Battle Item in Pokémon Unite. Espeon doesn’t have any mobility options to escape dire situations like other Attackers such as Greninja with its Smokescreen or Cinderace with its Flame Charge. Eject Button will get you out of situations in an instant to fight another teamfight.

A combo with Eject Button is using it to close in on the enemy team, and then using your Unite Move Psychic Solare. It will leave the enemy unable to react, and is an exemplary combo that can wipe out the enemy team or secure a low health Zapdos.

How to unlock Espeon in Pokémon Unite

Espeon can be purchased with 575 Aeos Gems or with 10,000 Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite.

Best of luck out there with Espeon!

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