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Hoopa has entered Pokémon Unite's frenzied arena

Time to "astonish, trick and confuse".

Pokémon Unite has announced its next playable roster addition will be Hoopa.

A new launch trailer for Hoopa's entrance highlights this Pokémon's unique set of abilities. With a focus on teleportation, the new inclusion of Hoopa will allow players to warp to different gates thanks to the Pokémon's "Hyperspace Hole" ability.

Meanwhile, with Unite Move "Rings Unbound", Hoopa will transform into their Hoopa Unbound mode. This will provide Hoopa with more powerful attacks, as well as allowing it to deploy a one-time teleportation point for ally Pokémon to warp to.

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Along with Hoopa's abilities, Pokémon Unite players will also get new Holowear.

Hoopa is a ranged supporter Pokémon, and will "astonish, trick and confuse (its) opponents into submission", and is available in-game now.

Hoopa's arrival in Unite is not the only news for Pokémon fans this week. In the run up to Pokémon Day (which is this Sunday, 27th February), there have been several other events taking place across the series.

Pokémon Sword and Shield players are now able to find Gigantamax versions of the original Kanto starters (Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard) within the game.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Café got its own updates earlier in the week, which saw players' chances of finding a Shiny variant of Starly increase.

Tomorrow will shine a spotlight on Pokémon Go, with more announcements expected on Sunday for Pokémon Day itself - some news on an Arceus DLC perhaps? We shall see.

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